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Makoons Play School Emerges as India’s Fastest-Growing Preschool Chain, Setting New Standards in Early Education

Over 100 Centers Established in Less Than a Year, Redefining the Preschool Experience. Makoons Play School, a pioneering name in early childhood education, has taken the preschool market by storm and quickly established itself as India’s fastest-expanding preschool network. Makoons Preschool has transformed how children learn and grow throughout their formative years via an uncompromising dedication to excellence and innovation in preschool education.

With over a decade of accumulated expertise, Makoons Play School takes pride in its personalized approach to growing young brains. Makoons, unlike traditional preschools, understand each child’s unique requirements, talents, abilities, and interests, designing an individualized curriculum that includes music, arts, science, technology, reading, numeracy, and physical exploration.

“We firmly believe in the power of education to shape young minds and inspire a lifelong learning journey,” said Vijay Kumar Agarwal, CEO of Makoons Group of Schools. “Our goal is to foster not only academic growth but also self-confidence, compassion, and responsible citizenship among our students.”

Makoons child-centred methodology is one of its distinguishing aspects. This divergence from typical teacher-led approaches allows each child to embrace their learning style and realize their full creative potential. Combined with a research-based curriculum, this strategy transforms students into future-ready leaders.

Makoons Play School, in keeping with the changing educational landscape, connects its curriculum with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, guaranteeing that students receive current, relevant, and holistic education. Bilingual language development (English and Native), experiential learning, and proprietary content are also part of the school’s creative teaching approaches.

Furthermore, Makoons Play School is unrivaled in terms of safety and security. The school has a five-tiered security system supplemented by advanced technologies such as barcode scanning and face recognition. Furthermore, their real-time car tracking system ensures student safety during transportation.

“Our students’ well-being is our top priority.” We have put in place strict security measures to provide parents peace of mind,” says Shalini Agarwal, Makoons Group of Schools spokeswoman.

Makoons Preschool’s success is based on its business concept. It proudly adheres to a “Partner First Policy,” fostering collaboration among franchisees and ensuring mutual growth. The school’s emphasis on speedy breakeven and proven return on investment (ROI) has drawn ambitious entrepreneurs enthusiastic about impacting the future through excellent education.

Makoons Preschool is a member of major worldwide educational organizations such as Trinity College London (UK), Early Years Alliance (UK), HighScope (US), and NAEYC (US), demonstrating its commitment to quality. This global network improves the curriculum and teaching practices at the school, giving pupils an advantage in the international educational scene.

In conclusion, Makoons meteoric rise as India’s fastest-growing preschool chain is a testament to its dedication to educational excellence and innovation. By prioritizing each child’s unique journey and fostering holistic development, Makoons Play School is shaping young minds and setting new standards for early childhood education in India.

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