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Mumbai captain Ajinkya Rahane says, “Even though I am my team’s lowest scorer, I am the happiest man,” in reference to the Ranji Trophy

<p>Despite having had a miserable tenure with the willow, Ajinkya Rahane was the “happiest man” at the Wankhede on Thursday after leading Mumbai to their 42nd Ranji Trophy victory.</p>
<p>Mumbai won the trophy by defeating Vidarbha by a margin of 169 runs.</p>
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<p>Rahane had a string of disappointing Ranji seasons, finishing ninth among Mumbai’s run scorers with 214 runs. However, Vidarbha was unable to win the match despite his well-timed 73 in the second inning of the final and his 130-run partnership with the youthful centurion Musheer Khan.</p>
<p>“I am the happiest person to hold the trophy, despite the fact that I score the lowest for my squad. You will experience highs and lows as a gamer. The idea is to create a positive environment in the changing room and celebrate each other’s achievements. “This is a unique occasion,” Rahane said at the post-game awards ceremony.</p>
<p>We were only one run short of making it to the knockout stages last year. We needed to instill in the crew the proper mindset and culture. We established a culture of fitness, and Rahane said, “I would like to thank MCA for all of the support.”</p>
<p>Regarding Vidarbha’s valiant efforts on the fourth and fifth days of the final, Rahane was full of praise.</p>
<p>“I would want to honor Vidarbha’s battle. Giving up on 538 is simple, yet they performed really well.</p>
<p>Both Player of the Tournament Tanush Kotian and Player of the Match Musheer Khan expressed gratitude to their captain for his leadership.</p>
<p>“He was a pleasure to bat with,” Musheer said. “He would very politely explain what he wanted from me during our partnership.”</p>
<p>After he scored more than 500 runs, Kotian expressed his gratitude to Rahane for helping him realize his full hitting ability.</p>
<p>“Last year, I worked hard with my father and gained a little more confidence in my batting. Kotian said, “Ajju dada—as the kids in the Mumbai team call him—also really helped me,” highlighting Rahane’s role in fostering a positive environment in the changing room.</p>
<p>Rahane said that given Dhawal Kulkarni’s commitment to Mumbai cricket, any accolade would be insufficient for the departing player. Dhawal has participated in six Mumbai finals and taken home five Ranji Trophy victories.</p>
<p>Since our U-14 days, we have represented Mumbai in games. For India U-19, we went on a trip (New Zealand). There wouldn’t be as much praise from me. His input is really appreciated. sharing of off-field experience, but not with those who are not on the squad.</p>

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