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CABANA by Palm: A Culinary Oasis in the Heart of the City, Led by CEO Atul Jaiswal.

Located in Kolkata, CABANA has become a culinary paradise, delighting food enthusiasts with its excellent food and appealing atmosphere in the City of Joy. CABANA by Palm – The Tropical Bar, led by CEO Atul Jaiswal’s innovative approach, has not just revamped the dining experience but also symbolized the highest level of hospitality success.


In 2024, Atul Jaiswal launched CABANA, encountering initial challenges common to new ventures. Yet, fueled by determination and sharp business insight, he guided CABANA to profitability within its first year. Jaiswal’s menu curation strategy emphasized variety and elegance, offering patrons a rich selection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts to savour.


Building upon CABANA’s triumph, Atul Jaiswal entrepreneurial vision expanded, leading to collaborations with his elder brother. Together, they established the globally renowned Cabana. Jaiswal’s current mission emphasizes empowering struggling traders worldwide by amplifying the reach of the 10X brand, symbolizing a strategic leap towards global economic empowerment.


CABANA’s menu features a balanced blend of international flavors, expertly crafted to satisfy the discerning palates of its patrons. From the tasty Cabana Combo to the extravagant Feast, every dish highlights the chefs’ culinary skill and creativity. Additionally, the extensive beverage selection, featuring exclusive cocktails and non-alcoholic options, enhances the dining experience by encouraging patrons to savor a variety of tastes.


In addition to its dining choices, CABANA enthralls visitors with its luxurious ambiance characterized by friendly service and breathtaking vistas. The extensive seating options and plentiful parking enhance the dining experience, guaranteeing comfort and convenience for customers. CABANA provides the perfect setting for a relaxed get-together with friends or a special event with family.


Apart from his role at CABANA, Atul Jaiswal’s business expertise also applies to other ventures, including the scrumptious ‘Yomari Authentic Newari Cuisine’. As a trader, traveler, and visionary leader, Jaiswal is constantly driving his businesses to greater success through a relentless dedication to excellence and innovation. His commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences cements CABANA’s status as a well-known culinary and hospitality hotspot.


While CABANA continues to enchant guests and receive acclaim, Atul Jaiswal stays dedicated to excellence, shaping the future of the hospitality sector through culinary artistry. Jaiswal’s reputation as an innovator in the hospitality industry is solidified by his mix of passion, persistence, and creativity, ensuring an exciting culinary journey in the future.



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