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CIMCON Software (India) Pvt. Ltd. Deploys Smart Infrastructure Solutions Throughout India, Helping to Build a Modern, Efficient and Sustainable Nation

India, May 14th, 2024 – CIMCON Software (India) Pvt. Ltd., a pioneering AI-driven technology company specializing in smart infrastructure solutions, announces its exceptional performance for financial year ending March 31, 2024. The company achieved a remarkable doubling of its revenue compared to the previous year, enabled the distribution of water in over 3,000 villages, saved an impressive 2 billion kW of energy, and enhanced safety for 54 million citizens nationwide. With India making a big push towards digital, CIMCON is delighted to accelerate that mission by deploying its solutions at scale across various infrastructure projects in India.  


At its core, CIMCON is helping the urban and rural populations of India to address their most pressing challenges. For urban India, civilians are searching for ways to improve safety and implement modern infrastructure throughout cities. For rural India, the challenge encompasses attaining clean drinking water in villages and sufficient supply of water for farming. 60-70% of India’s population still depends on agriculture for their livelihood, and CIMCON canal automation solutions ensure that farmers get the necessary water for their crops to thrive. CIMCON’s solutions have increased income for 10 million farmers, with a 24 billion increase in crop yields and productivity. 


The government of India is attempting to tackle the drinking water issue with the Jal Jeevan Mission, an initiative aimed at providing safe and adequate drinking water to every rural household in India. CIMCON is proud to play an integral role in digitizing water sites at thousands of villages in India. Using products designed and made in India in full alignment with the policy of Atma Nirbhar (self-reliance), CIMCON has changed the lives of millions of villagers, many of whom saw water in their taps for the first time in their life.  


Anil Agrawal, CEO of the company, emphasized the significance of this endeavor, stating, “Nothing can be more satisfying than being instrumental in providing the basic necessities of life to millions of people. It is hard for most of us to even understand the lasting impact of access to clean water. This access can improve overall wellbeing for villagers through the ability to focus on personal and community development without the constant worry of water scarcity or contamination.”


On the urban side, CIMCON smart solutions have been improving the safety of the nation’s bridges, roads, and cities. The company has implemented its smart lighting solution at India’s most prestigious sea bridge, the Atal Setu Bridge in Mumbai. The cities of Vadodara and Hyderabad have also been added this year to the existing list of cities that include Ahmedabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Gift City Gandhinagar, Nagpur, Kakinada, Vizag, Kurukshetra, Raipur and others using CIMCON’s smart streetlighting technology. This technology saves the cities an impressive 40% on energy costs and upwards of 70% on maintenance costs. The new systems will also lead to increased safety for citizens through reliable lighting, especially during the nighttime when visibility is low. 


As for urban infrastructure, India has a well-established network of pipelines that carry oil and gas prone to corrosion. Many of these pipelines are monitored through physical survey which is both expensive and unreliable. CIMCON has introduced a new real-time monitoring IoT device that automates data collection with a high level of reliability, ensuring safety of the pipelines as well as the fields through which it runs. This product was deployed for a major national oil corporation on a pipeline spanning 3,000 kms. From rural farms and villages to bustling urban hubs, CIMCON has played a pivotal role in helping build the nation at scale through its diverse smart infrastructure projects using its proven, cutting-edge products.


Agrawal adds, “We are excited about what we achieved last year, but even more excited with the possibilities of what we can do going forward given advances in Generative AI, Wireless Technologies, Edge Computing and IoT security that our highly experienced engineering and software teams are leveraging to build innovative solutions. These solutions will help India modernize its critical systems with long-term cost savings, all while reaching vital sustainability goals, leading to a greener, safer, and smarter India.”


About CIMCON Software (India) Pvt. Ltd: CIMCON Software (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in automation technology in India, with a 36-year history of transforming the lives of millions of Indians. The company has introduced innovative systems in the water, oil, energy, defense, and agricultural sectors while contributing to sustainability. CIMCON’s solutions have enableds the provision of drinking water to over 46 million residents across 82 towns, cities, and districts in India. Additionally, their smart lighting solutions have ensured the safety of 54 million people nationwide. The company has also facilitated a 22% reduction in carbon emissions through automation and is recognized as a global leader in the smart infrastructure space. 

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